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What is White Hat SEO

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White Hat SEO is the practices and methods that are approved by search engines like Google. These are the methods of doing SEO that aims to boost the overall ranking position of your site on a search engine result page. Mainly this is the method that one must adapt while doing SEO for any website. Using White Hat method while doing SEO of a website may get you to the first page of Google in less time. It consists of all manual Off and On-Page process that Google likes and prefers most. And thus even it takes the time to get listed, but your site gets the desired ranking in Google for the long term. It not only fetches you tons of valuable traffic to your blog or site but also bring you better returns from your website rankings.

Techniques of White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO uses organic techniques and for that, it expects you to maintain the quality of your website for ensuring better performance in the search results. Therefore, in a simple way it is about using several techniques of SEO that make sure your site will perform better in the search engine results page. All these are done according to the given guidelines by search engines through their algorithm updates. So, here are the lists of various White Hat techniques that you need to follow to get top ranking for your website.

Well, all these services mentioned above come under White Hat SEO techniques. Though, it can only be treated as “Done!” under White Hat if it’s done manually without using any single software. As you use the software, it uses automatic bots to do all these Off Page submissions works on complete autopilot mode that Google hates completely and hence it comes under Black Hat methods of SEO.

White Hat SEO Demands, “You Must Give Value to the Audience”

The best way to perform in the search engine result page is through providing value to your target audience for which people will visit your page and make it go viral. Following are some ways with which you can do that exactly.

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