Top 150 tourists places in India, Best Tourist Places In India, International Tourist destinations in India

Top 150 tourists places in India, Best Tourist Places In India, International Tourist destinations of India

Famous for its rich heritage and ancient civilization India Brings the Best in all tourist locations of the world. Visiting the different place in India gives a chance to tourists to experience the beautiful sights of the astonishing diversities of its culture, geography and the individuals. Beautiful hill stations, beaches, wild life along with the adventurous sports and activities to do in India attract a lot of tourists to visit the country. Whether you want to take rest in a beautiful hotel room of Jammu and Kashmir or you want to have fun in doing adventurous as well as exciting activities in Manali, your vacation will become unforgettable after visiting the incredible country.

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Tourists who are planning to explore India have a lot of options to choose from as there are great tourist destinations in India that they can enjoy visiting. If you are among those people who like adventure then going for trekking, paragliding, skiing or mountaineering in the north is perfect for you. However, if you like peaceful places such as beaches, then you should visit the country’s south as well as western parts. From cold places such as Jammu & Kashmir or Shimla to the warm beaches such as Goa & Mumbai, India always has something amazing to offer to their tourists.

You also have a great number of options if you want to spend your honeymoon in India. Goa is one of the best as well as record breaking tourist destinations for the tourists that come from different countries. A Huge number of Visitors from India and outside India come every year to have fun at the beautiful place. India likewise loved for its spiritual foundation, an angle that visitors like to explore.

Tourism in India has demonstrated an exceptional development in the previous decade. The reason for this is indeed dedicated effort from Government of India’s Tourism Ministry, who have foreseen the opportunities tourism in India brings for employment and economic growth of the nation. It’s a readily available solution you just have to patch few gaps, and the options will start to pay. As India understood this capability of tourism, it was just the time to implement a proper marketing and execution of this. Indian travels tourism has developed quickly with the massive flood of tourists from across the globe who has, attracted towards the rich culture, legacy, and staggering natural beauty of India.

Spending holidays in India along with its beautiful beaches, foggy hill stations, historical as well as religious spots and charming places is fascinating. A look at its rich wild life is enough to make every tourist fall in love with the country. Also, different exciting and fun filled festivals, enthusiastic markets, dynamic Indian lifestyle and traditional Indian hospitality can make your experience as an India vacationer genuinely exceptional and brings excellent experience. All these incredible things make India among the list of the top tourist destinations in the world.


TOP Tourist Destinations In India:

Religious Tourist Places in India


In eastern India, there’s a city called Puri, from the state of Odisha. It is famous primarily for its religious attractions like the holy pilgrimage site known to us as the Jagannath Temple.


Tarapith is known for a Hindu Temple that adjoins the cremation ground. This small town is located in the West Bengal’s Birbhum district. People go there to worship and respect goddess Tara.


The name of this city itself reflects the holiness that it carries. It is an ancient city, known to people for the Holy River Ganges.


Varanasi (most commonly referred to as Kashi) is as ancient as any other city in the world, as its history dates back to the 11th Century, and as the scientist rightly revealed that there is no other living city with a history that old.


Home to Lord Krishna, the city of Mathura has a lot of meaning and importance to the people of India. Located in the biggest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the city is also the route to the holy Yamuna River.


A couple of hundred years back, Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) the prince, attained knowledge and power, as he sat down a tree and connected his soul to that of the Gods. Buddhists people also worship the tree where enlightenment came to Lord Buddha.


Blessed with the presence of River Ganges, the city Rishikesh is quite an attraction amongst the tourist not just from India, but from the world.


The city of Vrindavan is quite religious because of the beliefs that people have for it. This city is believed to have witnessed Lord Krishna’s childhood.


With a tag of being the most populous city in Uttar Pradesh, the Allahabad city has a special place in the hearts of religious enthusiasts. The three sisters Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati Rivers meet in the lands of this city.


Every year, thousands of Hindu pilgrims find their way into the divine Tirupati Hills to reach the Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The city also has the Sri Venkateshwara Zoological Park and National Park.


Part of the Smart City mission, Madurai continues to grow. Being situated near the Vaigai River, Madurai is renowned for its pilgrimage sites like the Meenakshi Temple.


The Amritsar city is home to the Sikh pilgrimage site Golden Temple. It is estimated that the Gurudwara committee members serve food to almost a hundred thousand people each day as part of a religious deed called “Langar”.

Vaishno Devi Temple:

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is the holiest site for the Hindus, and it has every reason of witnessing over a million tourists throughout the year. There’s an entirely different atmosphere as you reach the Temple, the energy of which can be felt by the devotees.


Once in a lifetime, every Hindu wants to complete the Char Dham yatra, and Badrinath Temple is one of 4 pilgrimage sites that the devotees will be visiting. The temple was built in remembrance of the almighty Lord Vishnu, and hence the temple is also known to people as Badrinarayan Temple.

Somnath Jyotirlinga, Gujarat:

Lord Shiva devotees find real peace and devotion in Somnath Jyotirlinga. Out of the 12 Jyotirlingas, the Aadi Jyotirlinga is believed to be the oldest of them all.

Hemkund Sahib:

Sri Hemkund Sahib Ji Gurudwara is a pilgrimage site for Sikh worshippers, located at approximately 15,000 ft. from the sea level. People from across the world come to Hemkund Sahib to worship Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


Every year, in August, thousands of Hindu devotees make their way to the holy shrine of Lord Shiva in Amarnath, Jammu, and Kashmir. It is believed to be the toughest yet prominent place for worshipping Lord Shiva.


Tourism and Pilgrims form a large part of Dwarka’s economy. People visit this city to mark their presence in Lord Krishna’s Dwarkadhish Temple. Tourists can also visit other important Hindu pilgrimage sites like the Rukmini Devi Temple, Sharda Peeth etc.

Ajmer Sharif in Ajmer:

Covered by the mighty Aravalli Hills from all the corners, Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a religious center for Muslims, and it is dedicated to the Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty.

Velankanni Church:

“Lourdes of the East,” is another name by which the Catholic pilgrims refer the Velankanni Church, which is the biggest church in the country. The Church is also the reason that has helped this town earn a status of being a Heritage city for a government scheme called HRIDAY.


Shirdi was home to the Hindu saint, his holiness, Sri Sai Baba. The city is accessible by road, and the nearest city to this holy town is Nagpur that you could reach by train, bus or flight.


Kullu Manali:

When we think of Tourists Destinations in India, Kullu Manali is the obvious choices. It is both a destination for the newlyweds and the travel enthusiasts.


In Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, the Nainital Lake has been a prominent tourist destination, across all seasons. People like to visit Nainital mostly during the winter.


This small town is rightly called the little Switzerland of India. The Environ here is pleasant for the most of the year, and the beauty is surreal.


Travel enthusiasts have Dalhousie in their list of top destinations that they can visit in Himachal Pradesh, primarily because of its beautiful surroundings and lovely weather.


Himachal Pradesh has established the image of a state with the most attractive destinations and rightly so. Dharamshala is another gem of a tourist place, and its beauty is just about surreal once the snow covers the mountains and forests of Kangra Valley.


Paragliding is the main attraction in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. Apart from that, it is also a center for meditation and spiritual studies, and this makes Bir a must visit destination in Himachal Pradesh.


Crowded throughout the Winter season, Shimla has been the major attraction amongst the tourists from India and the world. Most of the youth would plan to go Shimla on weekends from nearby states.


Kashmir Valley:

You might have already heard people calling it a “Paradise on Earth,” and every word in this quote is right to its core. Kashmir Valley has every reason for a visit, and those who do, carry a part of it always, in their mind, soul, and heart.


When you love skiing a lot, then that’s where you go. Not many places in India allow tourists to go skiing. Gulmarg does, and it also wins the heart because of its beauty and surroundings.


Every year, starting from May until the end of October, Bikers and Road Runners flee to the lands of Ladakh. It is a combination of undefined beauty and surreal surroundings.


RoopKund Lake:

This lake marks the presence human skeletons of people that failed to survive a storm, back in the 9th century. It is situated in Uttarakhand, and at a very high altitude, and still is a very common attraction for the tourists.

Nainital Lake:

A lot of people visit Nainital Lake for more than once in a year. Its beauty is such that it attracts enthusiasts who love to spend a peaceful evening while boating across the lake, the shape of which is similar to that of a human kidney.


India’s northern state of Uttarakhand is famous due to the number of tourist locations that people can choose to go. Dehradun is the finest example, with most of the tourists arriving there during the winter season. The lush green outfit embarks for a pleasant stay in Dehradun city.

Jim Corbett National Park:

The tourists and the crazy wildlife people haunt for Corbett National Park every year. The park inhibits several different species of plants and animals, which is a delight to all the animal lovers out there.


Rishikesh is a town in Uttarakhand where you can go water rafting and camping. Those who seek spiritual harmony may also find Rishikesh as their destination.



Jodhpur popularly called as“Blue City.” In size, it is Rajasthan’s 2nd largest city. The blue colored palaces and forts make this city what you can call an architectural paradise.


The city of Udaipur is a perfect combination of human-made marvels and natural lakes, spread across the beautiful lands covered by the extravagant Aravalli hills. There are some breathtaking lakes in all of Udaipur that you couldn’t miss.


Across the boundaries of the amazing Ranthambore Fort, there is this beautiful Ranthambore National Park. A lot of wild animals and birds are there to keep the tourists attracted and entertained. A couple of waterfalls give you another reason why you must visit Ranthambore.


It is the first city, in all of India, to be crowned as a planned city. Jaipur has the benefits of those in a metropolitan city, and it also carries a large amount of history in its palaces and forts.


This fascinating city always attracts devotees and tourists in large numbers. It is an ultimate pilgrimage site primarily for Hindus as they seek salvation. There’s only one temple in all of India where Hindus can read their prayers for Lord Brahma, and that Temple is in Pushkar.


It is the land that witnessed the flourish of the Matsya Kingdom, the land with an ancient history. Avid bird photographers flock into the city of Bharatpur every year and march into the dense forests in their quest for stunning pictures from the different breed of birds.

Mount Abu:

Rajasthan is a desert land. There is only one hill station in this state, and that is Mount Abu. As we travel towards it, we will experience dense jungle and a lush green surrounding. Posh houses are a famous attraction for the people visiting there.


Dudhsagar Falls:

It is a site where you will witness the water falling from 1017 ft. of height, and we can bet that you already have a vision of an awe inspiring location.

North Goa:

It is the ultimate party destination that you have been planning to go. It has got the Goan trance, the upbeat music festivals, the crowded dance bars and the magnificent beaches.

South Goa:

It is indeed a delightful place for honeymooners and couples. People can visit South Goa with their families and have a relaxing time alongside the beaches. They could take pleasure of the Goan dishes in the beach side food corners.



This city is known to people from all across the country primarily because of the huge Bollywood Industry. Aspiring artists reach the city with dreams in their heads. People say that the city doesn’t sleep and even the local trains run till late at night.


Within a few hours of drive from Mumbai, you will reach the beautiful city of Pune. For most of the year, the weather is pleasant, and it is the climate that has attracted a lot of MNC’s to this quickly growing city.


Crowded throughout the Monsoon season, Lonavala is truly a location where you could enjoy the nature, sit back, inhale the fresh air and let it loose.


It is your answer to a perfect outing with friends or family. In your journey to Mahabaleshwar, you could stop at any vantage point for an excellent view of the valley or enjoy driving on the winding roads.


Although the British were cruel to invade our country, the one good thing they did is their search for Hill stations in India, just the ones like Panchgani. There’s a ‘table top’ piece of land in Panchgani that pretty much enhances the beauty of this location.

Ajanta Ellora:

Ajanta caves located in about a few kilometers from the Aurangabad town of Maharashtra. It has been included in the list of heritage sites by the UNESCO.



The tourists will like the fact that this town has large coffee estates surrounded by the Mullayanagiri mountain range. The climate is great in all the seasons.


One of Karnataka’s densely populated cities. Mysuru (Recently changed from Mysore) is South India’s pride, known for its historical monuments, world class structures, and the King-Like heritage.


Bengaluru (recently changed from Bangalore) is popular among the youth for job opportunities. Not many are aware that it’s a fantastic travel destination as well. People will like the nightlife and the awe inspiring parks.


A village in South India, with an old history, it is known for some heritage sites like the Vittala Temple and the Virupaksha Temple, and a bear sanctuary of its own named “Daroji Bear Sanctuary.”



Staying in a houseboat in Alleppey is altogether a different experience that you couldn’t get anywhere in India. Other famous attractions include the Mullakal Temple and the Alappuzha Lighthouse. You wouldn’t want to leave the houseboat for a bit, though.


It is, undoubtedly, the best location in all of India right now, especially for couples and honeymooners. There isn’t a hill station with beauty in close comparison to that of Munnar, such that calling it a paradise would be an understatement.


Formed in the late 1980s, Wayanad is Kerala’s 12th district, known for the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The lush green forests inhibit animals like the egrets, Asian elephants, etc.


This city is on the western coast of India. Tourists will find interests in the Portuguese buildings, ancient mosques and a little that remains of the Britain’s rule in India.


Near the Thiruvananthapuram Airport, there is Kovalam beach. It is crowded during the weekends as the locals may their way to it. Speed boating is among the principal activities that you could enjoy.



Coonoor hill station is famous primarily amongst the trekking enthusiasts, as it is the starting point for their trek to the Nilgiri Mountain range. Nilgiri tea production is another reason for which Coonoor is known to people.


Huge pine trees, the breathtaking rose garden certainly make’s the visit to Ooty, worthwhile. It is your escape to the quiet and dense forest like surroundings.


It is a town, hanging by the cliffs of granite rocks, and surrounded by some of the most magnificent waterfalls, valleys, and lakes. Hire a boat and go exploring.


It is more of an island, and it is holy to the people of India as they believe that it is where Lord Ram built a bridge to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Goddess Sita from the abduction of Ravana. Tourist attractions include the Rameshwaram temple and the sacred bridge.


Kanyakumari is the Ideal town to watch the sun rise the top of the Ocean, and then to spend the day at the architectural monuments like the Thiruvalluvar statue.



The trekker’s Wonderland, call it that and it won’t be an injustice. It is West Bengal’s highest peak. The views from this peak are beautiful, and the scenery is stunning.


These hill stations are the premier attraction in West Bengal. The mountain ridges are steep, and most of them covered by vast tea plantations, both of these combined make for an emphatic location.


Kolkata is the Land of Goddess Kali and West Bengal’s Capital. The must visit places in Kolkata includes the Kalighat temple, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, and the Sunderban Forests.


Sunderbans is a vast forest in the Bay of Bengal’s coastal region. People can opt for cruise safari that covers the most of the forests.



The ideal way to start your travel in Kutch would be to visit the Great Rann of Kutch. Bhuj is another famous location, followed by the likes of Gandhidham and Dholavira.

Gir Forest National Park:

Asiatic Lions are found in bulk in the Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat. The place is a perfect choice for an incredible wildlife experience, an experience of being close to the animals that you have only seen on TV only.


Belum Caves:

Belum Caves are historical, long and extravagant to which the tourists can have full access now. During the year, at all times, there is a stream of water that flows continuously, which is attracting the tourists.


A center for the major IT companies, the city also has an extensive range of tourist locations like the Birla Mandir, Charminar, and Golkonda. These are amongst the most sought out places in Hyderabad.


The city is known for its Submarine Museum and its beaches. The Visakha Museum and the Kali temple are amongst other attractions within the city and at a very close distance to each other.


A large number of Hindu devotees from the country flock towards Tirupati for marking their presence in the Sri Venkateswara Temple. Other city attractions include the zoological park, a cave and a waterfall in the close distance.


Sela Pass: North-East India carries a beauty that is hard to define in words. It doesn’t get any heavenly as it is at Sela Pass. It is the only way to which the people of Tawang can stay connected to the state or the country.

Ziro Valley:

A delightful location or a photographer’s dream, the Ziro Valley has been stunning from every angle, and indeed a paradise for peace seekers.


There are mesmerizing locations in this mountain town of Arunachal Pradesh, India like the Tawang Valley, Chong-Chugmi range of mountains, etc. There are a couple of enchanting lakes offering fantastic views.



There isn’t a slight chance that Nathula Pass doesn’t strike our mind, every time we talk about Gangtok. With that said, people can also check out the Yumthang valley for what a wonderland it is.

Pelling & Namchi:

Both the locations are a marvel of nature, and you could not miss visiting either of these places, while you are in Sikkim.


Kaziranga National Park:



The Khajuraho Temples, also known as The Temples of Love are such fascinating ancient establishments. Temples like Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple, Devi Jagdamba Temple, Dulhadev Temple and Vishwanath Temple are grand in beauty.


In the central most Madhya Pradesh, there is the Bandhavgarh National Park known primarily for the Tigers from Bengal. It also inhibits different species of birds, deer, white tiger, etc.


It is where the real beauty lies underwater. The color of the water changes with that of the sky. Polyp controls all of the underwater beauty that you will witness in Lakshadweep.

Andaman and Nicobar:

The tropical island of Andaman and Nicobar is an amazing place to travel. The infamous Cellular Jail in Port Blair, Radhanagar Beach in the Havelock Islands, limestone caves on Baratang Island, Ross Island and Neil Island are few of its many attractions.


The massive city of Pondicherry is well known all over the world for Pondicherry Beach, Paradise Beach, Raj Niwas, Pondicherry Botanical Garden, Auroville Ashram and various other places.

Daman and Diu:

Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Temple, Nagoa Beach, Mirasol Lake Garden, St. Paul’s Church, Ghogla Beach, Cathedral of Bom Jesu, Somnath Mahadev Temple are a few of the many attractions of Daman and Diu.


The tropical archipelago of Lakshadweep is well known for Scuba Diving and its Agatti Islands, Minicoy Islands, Kavaratti Islands, Bangaram Islands, Kalpeni Island, Marine Museum and much more.


Delhi, the capital of India, has endless tourist spots. Few of them are the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar and Complex, India Gate, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple and National Zoological Park.


People all over the world have heard about Taj Mahal of Agra. There are several other places here like Akbar’s Tomb, Itimad-ud-doula’s Tomb, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Jama Masjid.



Amritsar and its religious temples are places you remember for life. Places like the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Guru Ke Mahal, Wagah Border, Gurudwara Mata Kaulan, Hall Bazaar will take your breath away.


Massive areas like Pathankot have their charm. Several places like the Mukteshwar Temple, Nupur Fort, Nagin Temple, Shahpurkandi Fort and Kathgarh Temple are enriched in history.


Nalanda University:

This fifth-century university is presumed to be visited by Buddha several times. One should consider visiting Nalanda University Ruins, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Stupa of Sariputta, Xuanzang Memorial and Kundalpur Digambar Jani temple.



Konark has many memorable places like the Sun Temple, Konark Beach, ASI Museum, Chandrabhaga Beach, Ramchandi Beach, Ramchandi Temple, Vishnu Temple, Konark Natya Mandap and Goddess Ramachandi Temple.


The ancient city of Bhubaneswar is certainly a place one should consider to visit. Few of its epic sightings are Parashurameshvara Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Bindu Sarovara, Hirakud Dam, ISKCON Temple, Brahmeshwara Temple and Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary.


The Seaport town of Paradeep has beautiful places like Paradeep Port, Gahirmatha Beach, Jhankad Temple, Bhitarkanika National Park and Balaramjew Temple where one should consider visiting.


Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is well known for its wildlife and its one-horned rhinoceroses. This fantastic place has over 400 species of birds, 35 mammalian species and over 40 species of reptiles.


The hilly city of Kohima is a fascinating place to visit. Dzuko Valley and Japfu Peak, Touphema Village, Kohima Museum, Kohima Zoo, Kohima Cathedral, Kohima War Cemetery, and Mokokchung are places one must consider visiting.


Dimapur is an excellent place which consists of The Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, Zoological Park, Nagaland Science Centre, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Shiva Temple and Chumukedima.

India is a land of temples and beautiful places. With breath taking views you will get mountains, rivers, sea and ice everything in one place. It seems God woke on a beautiful day and built India from his heart. But many of us don’t know which are the most beautiful places in India and fail to see them in a life time. So, here is a nice collection of places which you can tour with easy as we are building connected pages for the individual city to provide you details of top hotels in the same city and the rich heritage and culture as well.

Now talking about the beautiful places that India offers you the major places that get heavy tourist attraction are religious cities. All religions have a good number of important cities here. And Billions of people visit these places round the year. Providing peace to the traveler and helps grow the tourism industry. The industry is also supported by well-connected roads, trains, and airway connections. Now, most of the cities have an airport which is helping many to travel fast and easily. With vast and well-connected road network tours to many cities become very easy. While going through many of these cities we have experienced nice things in our own travel and that will also be shared to our avid readers.