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Top 20 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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There are many ways used to increase traffic to the website. Here, we will discuss top 20 ways to increase traffic to your website.

1. Advertise but don’t pay

Here you will use Social #Hashtag as your tool for advertising and bigger thread’s to post a reply.

2. Quora but don’t pay

Use the highly viewed Quora questions in your subject and provide a sound answer, you will surely get traffic. Using Quora intelligently will bring good traffic to your site and product both.

3. Get Social but don’t pay

As there are a good number of social sites available, use them with the help of tools which can indicate the highest used threads like “BuzzBundle.” It can take you to leading threads which will generate traffic for you. Here you need to keep track of all other social networks and use them extensively, so they give the benefit to you.

4. Linkedin Pulse Will never ask you for money

Use LinkedIn Pulse and leverage its strong crowd base to read your article and power to let Google crawl your content, that way you can bring enough traffic.

5. The power of Image sharing sites, use them

Images have been driving the world for an age now, you should know there is 100 Million active user base for Pinterest. Like that, other images sharing sites like Flickr and Google images also gets massive traffic. Why not throw your picture in them and inspire a few to come knocking your site? How about making an image whose answer is available on your site? How about responding to a question whose problem is present in your site. Why now build the power of Infographics using visually and leverage the power of it. Infographics pull huge traffic if you can make useful explanatory information based graphical representation of a subject in an image. If you can do so, people will share your picture asking for no cost and also visit your blog page, bringing massive free traffic.

6. Leverage the power of Video channels

When you take a video which has something new, secret or informative you can see real number traffic coming to it in youtube. Likewise same happens on other video hosting sites too. As search engines also love to crawl these video content and list them on the top of the search result. It’s resulting in traffic to your site and the site concerned. A good technique is to keep the related article on your site and ask users to visit your site where thy will be awarded many such items.

7. Build a place of embed’s it won’t take any money

If you can crawl through the web or youtube and see highly viewed videos, one common thing that you see is embed sources of these videos is huge. This because the videos which become familiar also leverage the power of other’s blog or website’s traffic. When people across the web embed video, then more and more traffic starts builds in the connected video as well the site. Many times people just visit the blog page to see the video and play video after video on those sites and navigating more and more pages in the website itself. Why not use this power and build a site with traditional video embeds in your content? Think and apply you will certainly benefit.

8. Long content drives good traffic, and that don’t ask you any payment

If you are a writer and can deal with all your writing then wallah you are the boss to drive that niche traffic which all desire. That is because then you can write the much needed long and explanatory content in your site answering many queries and explaining parts of the subject. These get’s excellent views and listed very fast in search engines, so they bring real traffic to your sites. Use it and use the power of them.

9. Write Irresistible Headlines that call the mass to see who you are

It’s said a headline comes after 72 hours of mind boggling sleepless effort; you know why because it’s ” Dil Mange More” a headline that runs Pepsi and likewise if we see all the headlines are the catch point for all famous brands. Build a headline and work on it or Build many and work on them on many brand perspective, you will get people to see your headline or headline’s whatever may be the case. And let people take few of your created master pieces it will just burst with traffic for your site.

10. On page, SEO caring and cleaning

On page SEO is certainly the factor you must see, here you will give the site that punches to be top ranked and well cared to be visited and ranked among other top ranking sites. Do take care of it and get a good result out of it, you easily learn and do the same from many SEO training institutes like Extensive Ideas.

11. Long Tail keywords the magic yet unfolded

Long Tail keywords are the next thing to see in the world. And you know lot’s of people now don’t look for short and generic terms. They find their answer and these are all long term why not get a strong visibility there and earn your desired viewership, do it focus on ample amount of long tail keyword which may remotely connect to you and your product, service or business.

12. Guest’s get good attention

If you are a guest writer for a site, then you are there because of your power of writing. Certainly, you will get attention from search engines and other readers to read and discuss on you with that free sharing. If you can be the guest of supposing prime minister of a country won’t you get a high amount of visibility likewise if you can post in top blogs you will get a huge visit to your site? Here you just need to be a good writer; don’t need to pay anything to anyone.

13. Schema is the next big thing

Do you know how you can use schema? A beautiful small use of it is getting star rating below your URL in search result which can bring three times more traffic to your site than in typical situation. Schema has an enormous amount of options to explore and drive traffic, use them and be a traffic master, do let me know how you are doing after this.

14. Linking between relatives said to increase visits

Likewise, if you can link with sites who are also working in your area, then there will be more traffic and more views just to explore who you are and why you are related to that site. Which happens a lot in social media, do happen outside that in this way, did you know it?

15. Write interviews

Meeting readers are there in the huge number who like and read with passion. If you can bring original interviews with eminent personalities in your site and highlight how you changed it all, then people will certainly like to learn and explore you more leading to massive traffic for the site.

16. Have you seen Mails and Click on them

Email’s response is taken to be 4000%. If you see all leading brands and websites first ask you permission to send their articles or products regularly. This way they not only stay connected but also leverage the power of email to drive more and more traffic. Use it, offer goodies to your readers and quality to them when they read they will subscribe and let you set them such emails where you too can get massive traffic.

17. Responsive sites only saw well on all screens

Do you know 60% of the web is visited from mobile and handheld devices, and that’s why all internet operators are moving to the applications? Use the power of a responsive website and build a good mobile reader or buyer base, you don’t always need an app but if you can have one another is better than that.

18. Fast is Best

Make sure your website is quick and furious as this the only rule to retain a viewer if it’s taking more than 3 Seconds then losing a reader will become more and more likely. You can use CDN and Powerful Hosting to earn it.

19. Build your community with forum

A good participation in your forum or other’s forum will give you good visibility and increase traffic to your site. Let others speak for you and use the power of user generated content of this age.

20. If you know, comments can talk for you do it

A blog comment is a feared term for optimizer’s can be used very intelligently. Now how? Take only good and best website, recent articles there remain open for real and good comments, post it. Soon you will see those threads closing to protect you from a spam attack. But you would have left the beautiful and thought full mark your words there, so others can read and visit your site to learn more about your brand.

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