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Maharashtra is the state of diversity. Whether you’re looking to explore the urban centers like Mumbai and Pune or whether you’re looking to explore the sights of archaeological importance, you would be able to find all of these in Maharashtra. Ethically as well as spiritually and culturally, it has a lot of diversity as well. Owing to this very reason, whichever is the type of heritage which you want to explore in Maharashtra, you would surely find some or the other place in Maharashtra which would help you take a glimpse into it.

If you want to enjoy the modern lifestyle, you can add Pune to Mumbai your bucket list. Both these cities have a vibrant nightlife as well. It makes it easier for you to explore the modern day lifestyle as well. While exploring the hinterlands where the primary occupation still is agriculture you will see a lot in this state. You would be able to meet the natives who are still close to their routes as well as follow their culture on a day-to-day basis. The hinterlands would not only give you a glimpse into the natural way of life but also you would be able to explore the food as well as the culture of the Maharashtrian people when you head over to the hinterlands. The entire state of Maharashtra connected through railways as well as roadways. Thus making it easy to explore the various tourist attractions.

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Also regarding safety, it is one of the safest states which you can visit. Due to this very reason, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Moreover, it consists of two different international airports which ensure that you can attend the State of Maharashtra quickly from anywhere around the world. The two international airports situated at Mumbai and Pune. Airports well connected with airlines all over the world which make it easier for you to visit the State. We would today share the details of the top tourist attractions in the state so that you can make an itinerary to visit the State and explore the country. In addition to that, in every tourist attraction you would be able to find budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts, and therefore, there is no dearth of the right accommodation options which you prefer. Making it easy to explore the state.


Mumbai is not only the capital of the State of Maharashtra, but also it is the financial capital of the country as well. You would find diverse tourist attractions in the city. These range from the human-made marvels to the more natural ones.

The major tourist attractions to catch up within Mumbai are:

  • Gateway of India
  • Sanjay Gandhi national park
  • Marine Drive
  • Chowpatty beach
  • Bandra Worli Sealink
  • Elephanta Caves
  • Hanging garden
  • Bollywood studios

In addition to these, there are quite a few other tourist attractions as well which the city boasts of very well. These tourist attractions would not only help you in exploring the human-made side of the city but also the natural one.


Pune located at a distance of approximately 120 km from Mumbai. Well connected with Mumbai by road as well as railways and air travel Pune is well placed to be one of the leading cities of the world in future. National Defense Academy located in Pune is another attraction. In addition to that, it is home to the growing IT industry. It would provide you a glimpse of not only the rich history of the state, but it also brings the view into the progress which the country is making currently. The development in the city in the recent years has been staggering.

Some other tourist attractions which you should visit in the city are:

  • Shivneri Fort
  • Aga Khan Palace
  • Shri Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple
  • Osho International resort
  • Shaniwar Wada
  • Shri Balaji Mandir
  • Darshan Museum
  • Raigad fort

As you can see, the city of Pune provides you with a lot of different tourist attractions hence you can easily explore the city. Whether you want to look into the cultural aspects of the state or whether you want to look at the modern India, you would be able to do so quite quickly in Pune. Moreover, you would be able to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city as well.


 Lonavala is very popular in Maharashtra as a hill station. Nestled between Pune and Mumbai. Placed between two of the most populous cities in the state tourists frequently visit Lonavala. The hill station of Lonavala located in the Sahyadri hills. It has rich flora and fauna surrounding it owing to the lush mountains. It also has two more tourist attractions nearby that are the hill stations of Khandala as well as Rajmachi.

Here are few of the popular tourist attractions in Lonavala:

  • Tiger’s point
  • Bushi Dam
  • Adlabs Imagica
  • Amrutanjan point
  • Lonavala Lake

There are plenty of places and restaurants where you can sample the delicious local cuisine. In addition to that, in the chilly weather of Lonavala, you can have the local delicacies like Vada Pav and Bhajiyas. Lonavala is also famous for its nougat.


Mahabaleshwar also another famous hill station placed in between western mountains of Maharashtra. Over the years, it has become pretty famous for the numerous rivers in the hill station as well as the magnificent landscape around the entire hill station. Surrounded by dense forests on all sides it gives an enchanting view and exciting tour around the woods. The hill station is also pretty famous for its strawberries which are exported all over the world.

Some of the tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar include:

  • Elephants Head Point
  • Chinaman’s Falls
  • Dhobi Waterfall
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • Venna Lake

It is frequented by domestic tourists from Mumbai and Pune as it is just a few hours’ drive away from both the cities. Also, the weather in Mahabaleshwar is pleasant all the year around which attracts thousands of tourists to Mahabaleshwar every year.


Five hills surrounding it gave it a name of Panchgani. The word Panch means five. This hill station is adjacent to Mahabaleshwar. The sunset and sunrise points which make it pretty popular among tourists. The height of the hill station is 1334 meters.  The accommodation options in Panchgani are also plenty which makes it easier for you to choose the accommodation options within your budget.

Some of the tourist attractions which should visit in Panchgani are:

  • Table Land
  • Kaas Plateau
  • Adventure Sports
  • Sydney Point
  • Mapro Garden

In addition to these there many other sight seeing opportunities available here. There is also a point known as table land which is a small flat land on top of a hill which is worth visiting. You can quickly sample some superb and delicious cuisine when in Panchgani as it has plenty of famous restaurants.

Ajanta Ellora

Ajanta Ellora is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the state. The caves include paintings as well as sculptures dating back to 2nd century BC. The caves located beside the river Waghora. The caves are a mix of the monuments of the Buddhist as well as Hindu and Jain culture. They are surrounded by thick forests all around.

There are also a few temples nearby which you can visit like:

  • Kailasanatha Temple
  • Grishneshwar Temple

While exploring the caves spending a day is more than enough if you can start early in the morning. Ideally, you should be dividing the day between the Ajanta caves and the Ellora caves with a half day for each. There are plenty of luxury bus tours from the nearby cities to complete the visit to the caves in a single day. One of the best cities from where you can visit these caves and return in a single day is Aurangabad. This town also connected by road as well as railways all over India. Thus, it becomes easier for you to explore the caves.

So, if you’re looking to explore the state of Maharashtra, these are the few tourist attractions as well as cities which you should find the thrilling jungle to calling caves as a lifetime reminder.

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