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All You Need to Know About Kerala


Kerala forms the southern tip of India. It is generally on the top most ranking for first timers to the vast country. It is also expanding in fame for all the right reasons. Abundant tea plantations, tall palm trees, extra ordinary mountain hikes, and wildlife are what makes it famous around the world. It is also a host to national parks, like Periyar and Wayanad. Elephants, monkeys, and tigers are also the residents of this enormous place.

Kerala is a state on the tropical Malabar coast covering almost 600Km of the Areabean sea shore. It is renowned for sky high palm aligned beaches, coextensive canal network and backwaters. The Western Ghats have also paved their way out of the land of Kerala whose slopes are home to coffee, spice plantations, and tea. Wild life accompanies with this fertile land. You can sherry enjoy if you happen to hire a guided hike which enables you to take a tour of tea plantations through Munnar. Passionate women tie up the bunches to pick and gather tea leaves by hands. Hot and thick aprons are being worn to become safe from lacerated by the branches as they proceed and climb on vertical hills. Heavy bags full of tea leaves remain to lay on their backs as they climb up. If you visit those mountains, you will witness the incredible muscle control and immensely controlled facial expression while performing this activity. While climbing up the hill, you can always take a fresh view of the riverside.

Kerala also supports cultural festivals and activities to its fullest. You can mark your experience to the most auspicious level if you happen to attend any festive here. The city also offers luxury resort located on the lakeside. It depicts a romantic side of Kerala. You will be amazed to see the Bungalows heading towards large swimming pool, with excellent food and Ayurvedic Spa for relaxation and meditation. Invigorating oil massage will make you forget everything else and keep your mind and body fresh. Other than all the exotic services not to forget the boat traffic and the necessary transcendent scenery experience while Captain handles it all for you. It surely is a must do thing to mark your bucket list. The lakeside resort brings you the closest to nature. You can enjoy the scrumptious food all made fresh right there on the boat. You can also make your nights magical by staying on the boat through booking a room with attached bathroom.


Alleppey is quite a tourist place, and a must visit for all the travelers who happen to step at Kerala. It has its beauty enveloped by various means of water. It is famous for its backwaters. It is the city devoted to giving the happy experience of Ayurvedic Spa and other exciting experiences. Boat races, beaches, and temples make the city happening for the tourists. It is the oldest backwater town dotting the coast of Arabian Sea. This place is a home to numerous rivers, crisscrossing each other in a charming way, lagoons, canals, and beaches. It will not be an exaggeration to call it Venice of India.


The merging of three streams gives birth to this splendid place called Munnar. The merger is formed by Kundala, Nallathanni, and Mudrapuzha. It is sixteen hindered km up above the sea level. This hill station is quite historic as it was used to be the resort for British Government back in South India. It has a vast network of tea plantations, winding lanes and picturesque town adds more value to the beauty of this city. It is famous for the national park named Eravikulam. It feeds and provides shelter to wild animals, rare butterflies and birds. The park is turned into a packed destination when the hills get fully covered with a blue carpet of flowers from Neelakurinji.


Wayanad is deemed as green heaven for its lush green mountains extending on the Western Ghats portraying a green border to the world. Pristine and clean land of Wayanad is filled with hypnotizing scenic views. Up above the Neelimala is the breathtaking sight offering the view of Meenmutty Falls. It has a diverse culture possessing the most exotic flavors. It is well equipped with dark forests, large plantations, and wild life.


Cochin also was known as Kochi is a lively city of Kerala located on the west coast of Peninsula. It is hailed as God’s country. It has enjoyed its strategic significance over the years. It is also regarded as the Gateway to Kerala. The European traces are found in Portuguese built fort and churches. Unusual fishing nets on the shoreline exhibit era of Chinese trading. Fresh fish is the ultimate cuisine for seaside vendors. The town Cochin is enriched with arts illustrating the traditional dance and traditional classical moves. Cochin is very proud of possessing the standard port and an airport for international trade for the main cities and worldwide.


If you want to experience pure travel pleasure, then Kumarakom is the absolute abundance to access. It is regarded as first travel spots on the earth. It is just as glamorous as the jewel in the crown of Kerala. The other ordinary backwaters bring tourist from far off places to its shores. The moving palm trees and the exotic houseboats are another added benefit to your wonderful vacation trip to Kerala.


A rural district in the state of Kerala famous for its wild life is known as Wayanad. High altitude brings a plus to the weather and plays a vital role in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. Asian majestic animals including tigers, elephants reside on lush green plains of Wayanad. This place is also well equipped with ancient traces and fossils. Petroglyphs in the caves originating back 100 of years back add value for tourists from all over the world.


Thekkady is located in the Periyar national park, which is an enormous tourist attraction in the Kerala. It is a chief wildlife conservator and a dream destination for all. The dam ‘sukri’ built over before 120 years in Vedic parlance has a merely attractive outlook as well as in look.the beautiful and tropical treasures of animals and plants make it the ultimate home for many endangered species and rich in village culture. It is pure heaven for those who have a soft spot for nature.


A small coastal land located in the southern part constitutes of palm beaches including Hawa and Samudra. Fishing harbor is overlooked by a majestic mosque on the riverside. Kovalam enjoys the position of being recognized internationally. This spot undoubtedly has been among one of the favorite places of tourist. The beach site has rocky promontory adding value to its beauty. The beaches in Kovalam are absolutely appropriate for sea bathing.

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