The Best Travel Agents in Kohima brings for you a mesmerizing experience with Nagaland tour. Among India’s most beautiful states Nagaland placed in the lap of Himalaya’s. It brings you not only beautiful places but excellent people and bonhomie that place five stars to the location as a great tour and travel destination. Bordering Myanmar, many tribes with different cultures live here. Kohima is Nagaland’s Capital city; it scenic beauty is breathtaking. Kohima also has a War Cemetery because it suffered heavily in World War II. Nagaland State Museum brings you many of the ancient weaponry, drums used for ceremonial purposes and many other traditional and cultural Naga artifacts and exhibits.

What is good about this place is that it’s peace and tranquility in the environment. With beautiful environment through out the year, tourism stands to be one of the leading beneficiaries of the state. People coming here can also visit its nearby state’s like Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya as well If they are on an extended tour. For short tours state offers you plenty to see and enjoy. Have fun with the local people and feel the beauty and hidden power of Himalayas.

Famous for its Hornbill Festival showcasing the Naga Culture people from across the world comes to enjoy and participate in it. It takes place in December from 1st to 10th. Here you can see all 16 tribes of Nagaland. All Seven Sister States of North East India also participate in this festival. If you can not cover all seven north eastern states, you can learn and see their culture in this event.

Nagaland is still undiscovered; You will see many areas are still not even known to the outside world because people did not dare to go to such deep areas of the Mountain Himalaya’s. So, along with the mountaineering and tours to such unknown areas, you will get peace and thrill both. A dream adventure travelers, it brings best of the natural environment to boost your energy and go for the outing. Amazing hillock & stunning mountains with beautiful streaming lakes are picture perfect.

Nagaland brings for us a stream or lake in every corner to surprise you whenever you are out for a trek in the wilderness. Many brooks and tributaries, flowing freely across the state making the trip to Nagaland will always remain memorable. The native tribal people whom you are going to meet are more than happy to help tourists prepare food and offer shelter. It is not an agricultural state, and so you wouldn’t find many cultivation areas here.

Travel Agents in Kohima:

1. Nagaland Vacations

2. Alder Tours and Travels

Address: Opposite Second World War Cemetery, Blue Bayou Building, National Highway Number 39, Midland Colony, Kohima, Nagaland 797005
3. India Trail

Address: Paramedical, Behind Ao Church, Kohima, Nagaland 797001

Places to visit in Nagaland:

1. Kohima War Cemetery (Kohima)
2. Naga Heritage Village (Kohima)
3. Khonoma Village (Kohima)
4. Kisama Heritage Village (Kohima)
5. Dzukou Valley
6. Catholic Church (Kohima)
7. Kohima Museum (Kohima)
8. Kachari Ruins (Dimapur)
9. Longwa Village (Mon)
10. The Catholic Cathedral (Kohima)
11. Japfu Peak (Kohima)
12. Hongkong Market (Dimapur)
13. Nagaland Science Centre (Dimapur)
14. Triple Falls (Dimapur)
15. Ungma (Mokokchung)
16. Pulie Badze (Kohima)
17. Nagaland Zoological Park (Dimapur)
18. Doyang River (Wokha)
19. Shilloi Lake (Kohima)
20. Changkikong Range (Mokokchung)
21. Doyang Hydro Project (Wokha)
22. Veda Peak (Mon)
23. Langpangkong Caves (Mokokchung)
24. Naga Bazzar (Kohima)
25. Mount Saramati (Tuensang)
26. Kohima Zoo (Kohima)
27. Intanki National Park (Peren)
28. Totsu Wozhu Lake (Wokha)
29. Mount Tiyi (Wokha)
30. Liphanyan Governor’s Camp (Wokha)

One, of the major attraction of Nagaland, as said is HORNBILL FESTIVAL and here are the things you get to see in it:


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The festival is organized and managed by Arts & Culture Departments of Nagaland. The aim of this festival is to protect the rich culture of Nagaland and showcase the traditional ethnic customs for the world. Here events are included on

Hornbill International Rock Contest (HIRC), Hornbill International Musical Festival, North East Cultural Day, Hornbill Charity Concert-cum-Ball, Hornbill Master Chef Competition, Hornbill Snooker Championship, Hornbill National Dance Competition, Miss Nagaland Contest, Hornbill Annual Cycle Rally, Kids Carnival, ‘Glocal’ (Glocal) Film Fest, Vintage World War II Motor Rally, International Car Rally and many other competitions.

Over 25 bands including bands from the US, UK, Norway, South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia take part in the Hornbill International Rock Contest (HIRC) held for 4 days at the Naga Solidarity park during the festival. While the Horbill shopping festival promotes the display and sale of indigenous Naga crafts and products, Food fest give Naga food the desired focus.

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Few of the other famous festival’s here are:

Moatsu, Sankarni & Sekrenyi

How to reach Kohima:

To reach Kohima, you can take a train or flight to Dimapur. From Dimapur, Taxi services are available for Kohima. The airport at Dimapur is the only one in Nagaland with a Railway’s connection as well from Kolkata and Guwahati. It takes around 6-7 hours on the road from Dimapur to Kohima.


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