Andaman and Nicobar Tour, Tour Packages for Andaman and Nicobar

These are the islands with long fables in India. The names Andaman and Nicobar comes from the Malay Language. Widely spoken languages are not Andamanese or Nicobarese but are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. It is the first place to come in contact with the sun rays.

Havelock Islands have several beaches, and major charm is the Radhanagar Beach which further ornamented with scuba diving and fishing. This combo Island has many sub Islands which increases its beauty. Neil Island and Ross Island are a perfect and a must visit option for the tourists. Culture is the reflection of every region. Jarawa and Africans along with many others are the inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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Major religions include Hindus, Muslims, and Christians which adds a colourful culture related to all sectors. This multiculturalism adds a great variety and is enough to grasp the attraction of tourists. People of Bengal also resides there.

Art and Crafts make a significant revenue for the craftsmen in those regions. Tourists are always fascinated by their hard work and pay them to their efforts. This artwork includes wood carving, things made of cane and bamboos. As the name specifies, Islands are mostly known for their sea food. When tourist feels comfortable with the food they cherish the place a lot. Food is the universal need of every being. Delicious food attracts tourist toward these regions of India. They are blessed by the divinities with the endless stream of glory. Visitors love the hospitality and diversity of their inhabitants and pay a huge tribute to them. These lands are the favorite scenes for the camera. Lens enhances the beauty and magnifies every detail of these beauteous land.

These all attractions make a place worthy to be praised and love. An amazing reality lies in its name taken from the Malay word means the land of naked people. Largest sea turtle species Leatherback and India’s best nest beaches are there. Dugong, the gentle sea cow, is the state animal of Andaman and Nicobar Island

A language barrier always occurs to the foreign tourists because here the Bengali language is mostly spoken. Amongst the several good reasons, one of the main attractions for us, in any of the beaches that we go, are the turtles that arrive on the beach side. Giant sea turtles reside there and seek attraction. Fishes of various species found here, and the fact is commercial fishing is banned here for the preservations of the particular kind of fish.

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