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Rajasthan Tour, Tour Packages for Rajasthan Tourism

It is an Indian state that carries its long and old heritage. Both foreign and domestic tourists are keen to visit Rajasthan for its cultural values and the rich heritage. There are massive historical forts, artwork and cultural activities to keep the visitors engaged, and always interested in exploring more of Rajasthan. Its biggest attraction is the Thar Desert, which is known to be the king of all the desserts. Many ancient palaces gave the status of hotels. It increases the economy and rate of employment in Rajasthan.

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Places to visit includes Devi Garh Palace which is now converted into a Hotel and as per The New York Times distribution, its named as one of the luxurious hotels. Hawa Palace, Lake Palace, Rambagh Palace, and Umaid Bhawan Palace are tourist attractions. The climate of Rajasthan is mostly hot and humid. It attracts foreign tourists the most, as they want to tan their body against the sun. Wildlife tour in the Ranthambore National Park has been an exciting tourist activity for a long time now. Other locations include the Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bharatpur BIRD Sanctuary that have been high in demand.

Festivals of Rajasthan includes many bright colours which contrast with golden desert and brings upon an exciting view. Festivals are celebrated with much zeal and passion. Bikaner Camel Festival is celebrated to cherish the usefulness of Camels in their lives. One of the famous festivals is Desert Festivals celebrated every year in January or February, celebrated for three days, till the night of full moon, known as Purnima.

Next is the Teej Festivals are also known as “Festivals of swing,” women hang swings on the branches of trees and enjoy this festival. It is very famous and always celebrated with many arrangements. Marwar Festival is dedicated to the Folk heroes. Gangaur Festival is also a famous one.

Music is brought alive with its beautiful rhythm, by the Sufi singers from the state. It contains stories, emotions, and trivial activities. Songs are the way to tell stories. Famous folk music is Panihari, Maand and Pabuji Ki Phach. Each region has a reasonable amount of activities to keep the tourists entertained and attract tourist all over the world.

Rajasthani Cuisine includes meat curries and sweets and makes the visitors happy. Some of the dishes like Gond Ke Laddu and Jaipur Ki Gajak can bear climate conditions. Some of the dishes are Ghevar, Gatte ki Sabzi, Kesarmurgh, Laal maas and Marwari Gatta Kadhi.

Sahariyas is the most backward tribe of Rajasthan. People live mostly in the jungle and are mostly farmers, fisherman, and hunters. Minas is the tribe performing child marriages for many years and inhabitants with strong physic.


Jodhpur claims the second largest city status in Rajasthan. It is at the edge of Thar Desert and known to be the gateway to it. Sun shines on every day. Places for tourist attractions are Mehrangarh Fort which is must visit place in Jodhpur. This fort stands on 400 feet to the city. It took many centuries to complete this Fort. Umaid Bhawan Palace started in 1929 and ended in 1943. It has the combination of the Indian and European style of homes. It is the largest castle for residence in the world. Jaswant Thada is also a historical Palace in which portraits of Rathore rulers are placed.

Desert of Jaisalmer:

This desert is located in a western most side of India and close to the Pakistan border. Camel Safari is the most memorable experience of Jaisalmer. There is also a Camel ride to this desert. Jaisalmer Fort is the historical only living fort with shops and bazaars. Patwonki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Nath Mal Ki Haveli, Bada Bagh, Sam Sand Dunes, Khuri Dunes and Desert National Parks are attractive places and heritage of Jaisalmer.

Foods to taste are DaalBaatichoorma, Kadhi Pakora, Ker sangri, Murgh-e-sabz and Safed Maans. Street Market in Jaisalmer is Sadar Bazar, Sonaron Ka Baas, Bhatia Bazaar, Pansari Bazaar and Seema Gram are attractive. Boating and Camping are considered romantic activities.


Maharaja Udai Singh founded this city. It is also known as the city of lakes. Tourists come here attracted by its heritage. The city is clean and quiet. The historic Jian Temple is 600 years old. It’s a good place to spend a long weekend with stunning views in the evening. The architecture is brilliant. It is a pleasant place to stay. It still has unique culture and traditions and considered to be a romantic land. Its cuisine consisted of vegetarian dishes with great spices. Udaipur people are friendly and good at heart. People usually wear bright coloured clothes. Mewari is the preferred language here.


It is a large national park in Rajasthan. This park has large Tiger population with many fatal attacks on humans’ by tigers. The government of India has provided the large area for tigers. The things which make it best amongst all parks are its wildlife reserve. Ranthambore Fort is a land mark of Ranthambore Park. This fort was also served as hunting fort once. Trinetra Ganesh Temple is another attraction in National Park. It is the oldest temple in Rajasthan. Surwal Lake is also a place to visit near National Park. This lake dries in the summer season and is heaven for many birds. Padam Lake, KachidaValley  Jogi Mahal is worth seeing.


It is a major tourist attraction also known as the pink city. It is growing fast, and various developments are occurring in Jaipur. There are many colour buildings there to attract the tourists. The Famous food courts is Spice Court and offer some spicy food items. Most of the dishes are very heavily cooked in a lot of oil. Natraj is also a place with the variety of cuisines served in a large Thali with many Katori in it.  Laxmi MishthanBhandar, Rawat Mishtan Bhandar, and Shri Thaal Village Restaurant are amongst the famous.


It is a holy city of Rajasthan. Pushkar got its name from the petals of the lotus flower. This place is also known as Tirth Raj. Pushkar Festival is the largest camel fair. Buying and selling of camel are interesting activity and Puppet shows are conducted to give moral lessons to the people. Humorous elements are also there in the show to entertain. It’s a specialty of the place. Types of food global travelers taste in Pushkar in which Dal BatiChurma, Malapua a sweet dish, Rajasthani Lassi are there. It is specially made up of Camel’s milk and it’s a real difference between Rajasthani Lassi and an ordinary one.


The city on the eastern side of Rajasthan. A large number of national and international tourist visits this city every year. It is rich in culture and cuisines. It is also famous for its Keoladeo National Park. Brij Festivals and Holy Festivals are famous. The Laxmi Vilas Palace restaurant has specialty of continental cuisine. Ravi multi cuisine restaurant served their food on a roof top in Rajasthani Thalis. Bharatpur sanctuary, Lohagarh Fort is famous. Keoladeo is a religious site with Rope Castle Park are attractions of tourists. This is also known as Bird Paradise and has many monuments of historical significance.

Mount Abu:

It is a hill station set on the high rocky plateau. It is a home for many temples including Adhar Devi Temple, Shri Raghuathji Temple, and Dattatreya.  Rajasthani cuisines are served here. People of all cast and creed live here. It is famous for light weight Jaipuri quilt, Traditional Rajasthani jewelry and Metal Art crafts. Hindi and English are spoken here. Ghagra Choli attracts the tourist and fascinates them. Summer Festival makes it very famous, and major attractions are music and dance. Tirthankara is very significant characteristic of culture. Closing ceremonies of their festivals are very lush and grand. They are memorable for all the tourists.

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