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Online Digital Marketing Course In Nashik with SEO, SMO, PPC

Join Best Online Digital Marketing Course in Nashik and learn how to create a proper budget for online marketing?

When you’re speaking about digital marketing, there are plenty of ways to bring visitors to your website. Every method requires a different kind of investment. Owing to this very reason, when you’re looking into the investment you have to understand 1st that you have to choose the right type of digital marketing method.

If you’re looking to learn more about digital marketing options, you can attend best digital marketing course in Nashik which would provide you with the idea about the marketing methods which are available. Once you can look into the different marketing methods, it becomes easier for you to choose the marketing method which is perfect for you.

  1. When Targeting the right audience:

Instead of just looking for the most affordable way to get traffic, you have to look at getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is always expensive. Owing to this very reason, it is always important for you to find out how to get targeted traffic and accordingly decide your budget.

  1. Conversion rate:

While looking into the budget, you also have to consider the conversion rate which you are getting from the traffic. When you are opting for top Seo course in Nashik or best SEO course in Nashik, they will help you understand how to monitor the conversion rate as well. Once you can control this conversion rate, it would automatically become easier for you to know what is the return on investment which you are getting. Depending on this declaration on investment, you would be able to decide how much money you have to invest in digital marketing.

  1. The method of commercialization:

Different methods of marketing require a different kind of investment. If you’re looking for SEO, the investment is actually on the lower side.

That is why you have to look into the methods of marketing. Once you can look into the various methods of marketing then only you can take the call about the budget which you want to prepare.

So, Whenever you are looking to create a budget for digital marketing, it is important for you to consider these few points. Once you choose the method, it becomes comparatively much easier for you to chalk out a separate budget and monitor the return on investment on that budget and increase the budget after that accordingly.

Brief Highlights of Our Course

As one of the leading Digital Marketing training institutes in Kolkata, we are covering all the aspect of SEO and Digital Marketing training everything from the scratch. So here are our Digital Marketing course highlights.

  • CPanel & Hosting Management– Here we would be teaching you all about operating hosting and CPanel account of your website efficiently. Starting from installing WordPress, uploading files to creating backups everything will be covered.
  • SEO, OFF & On Page – Here you will be given detailed training on Search Engine Optimisation where we will be covering both Off and On Page Part. You will be learning Keyword Research, site structure optimization, link building all white-hat methods and techniques, local and mobile SEO, etc.
  • Social Media Optimization – Learn how to promote a business or services across all leading social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. Further, you will learn how to create FB Fan Page and other social communities for better promotion.
  • PPC – You also will be learning here all the Paid Ads or Pay Per Click advertisement from Google, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Search Engine Optimization     

  1. What is SEO
  2. What is Black Hat SEO
  3. What is White Hat SEO
  4. Image optimization
  5. Audio Search Optimization
  6. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  7. Local search optimization
  8. What are the differentiating point between Google, Yahoo and Bing regarding SEO
  9. How to use the Disvow tool and what is its need in modern age of internet.
  10. Why Google discontinued the sitelinks tool inside webmaster tools, is it due to the presence of disvow tool?

 On Page SEO

  1. On Page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. On page Google ranking factors
  3. Using Google Rich Snippets, how to Attract More Visitors using it?
  4. How to use the Structured Data Markup tool inside Google Webmaster.
  5. Start Testing Your Current Website with web site test tools
  6. Build, maintain and efficiently increase participation in forums

Off Page SEO And Link Building

  1. Off page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. Off page Google ranking factors
  3. What are the types of Back link’s that violate Google’s Guidelines
  4. How your competitor is ranking higher than you, know and take action.

Local SEO

  1. What is the need of local optimization and where we can do it?
  2. What is Trust flow and Citation Flow? How it affects ranking and how to increase it?
  3. What are the famous sites where you can have a local page and how? 
  4. What are the tools we can use for local SEO 
  5. How to promote your local page by PPC?
  6. How to use schema, paid local listing and other secret techniques for local SEO?

Social Media

  1. What is SMO
  2. How we can make the Most from Social Media
  3. Efficient use of social media network
  4. What are the Social Media Marketing Software’s 
  5. How to optimize reach by paid ads in social media
  6. Source images for your website and social media
  7. SEO Analysis software’s and browser plugins 
  8. Facebook and Twitter Ads brings a positive change, how to setup them?

Pay Per Click

  1. How PPC impacts your digital marketing movements
  2. How to use Google Keyword tool
  3. How to plan the PPC using google keywords tool
  4. How to get keywords using
  5. Efficient Spending on your campaign
  6. How to create an add campaign
  7. How to set up and optimize the add
  8. What you must do in your landing page so add gives you maximum return
  9. What is quality score and why you must know it

WordPress based website designing from live server

  1. How to use wordpress for your website from your server. Installation and log in.
  2. Theme installation and configuration. Themeforest wordpress theme configuration.
  3. Features of wordpress dashboard, post, page, appearance, plugin, settings.
  4. How to install and configure plugins.
  5. Which plugins you must have. Including Jetpack from What is the benefit of bringing power to your own website.
  6. How to manage user accounts and guard against user spam.
  7. How to protect your WordPress site from spamming.
  8. How to edit the site and place your content in place of theme generated content.
  9. How to build a custom designed wordpress website in minutes with page builders.
  10. How to build contact form for your site
  11. How to integrate google maps in your site
  12. How to embed video in your website.
  13. What is the difference between a wordpress blog and wordpress website?
  14. How to setup wordpress SEO features and what other features you may keep for better on page seo.
  15. How to build a wordpress review website.
  16. How to manage, monitor and optimize user comments.
  17. How to integrate the emailer like mailchimp, awber and many others with your wordpress site.
  18. How just feed subscription can send your wordpress content to the site subscribers.
  19. How to increase the number of subscribers for your website
  20. How to build wordpress landing page


Case Study : 1 : We will try to understand Digital Marketing With One of Our Project 

When we started working on our website seo course in kolkata the major hurdle for us was to achieve ranking. And increase traffic to the site. So, to starting with we planned few things one after one and executed. What are the challenges we faced and how we stayed on top of the search engine for months will all give you an idea how it can be done very easily if you have proper planning and freedom to work on your own pace. 

The steps we followed :

  1. Design a website that serves to our need : We initially started with multiple web properties. As we had multiple web properties and Google was also not so strict about the similarities of the website we carried on with single design for all our website. As the all the sites were some what relating to the same subject we were carrying a risk on our head. And ultimately we faced it. One day i saw my website standing at 20th page from top rank. 
  2. We built our content to reach to the target with care and passion : As we always loved the content part and has been one of our forte to explore, it was made with due respect and care. So, content and strength of the domain name (which later bounced back due to EMD) took us to the top position. And we could even keep it for years. But with growing changes in google’s filtering and rise of new updates ultimately hit us with same design for PBN update as well.
  3. Now with lost rank and top position we started changing the design of all our website and a complete removal all backlinks from all the domains through the disvow tool of google. As the backlinks were removed and all groups sites designs made different. And even content changed to its best standard possible the change started happening in one and half months time. 
  4. We could see site recovering and it came back to the first pages as usual. With this huge change although it forced to work a lot more but gave us a clear understanding and foundation of knowledge of what should be done and what should not be. And they are :
  5. You must never keep same design for all your domains, even if you keep same design do maintain separate images and keep some highlight-able feature which is different in every property. 
  6. We started focusing on marketing less and branding more. By doing this we started building off site properties such as quora, linkedin, medium, facebook etc. Where you get a scope to discover your skill of building content and reach out to others for better networking.
  7. Starting a compulsory blog and updating them regularly with new and fresh content became our top priority. Which we till then never followed as a primary activity. 
  8. As we can not change the domain names which by now got attached with our brand identity, the only thing we could do is build more reason for our users to be happy with regular input of content in video, audio, and infograhics. We built sites which are independent and identifiable in every aspect of them. 
  9. The one major thing that we did is removing internal connections from all of your own group sites. The group sites which had internal linking were giving an indication to google of a hidden PBN structure as all of them were hosted under one single ip and name server. 
  10. We started contributing more and more backlinks or connections to other sites and top web prperties like wikipedia. This we did for referencing on the top and primary subjects detail understanding. This increased our reliability as a good provider of knowledge and information.


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