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How to win an interview? How to increase confidence while speaking?

How to win an interview

How to win an interview

How to win an interview? How to increase confidence while speaking? How can you approach others with confidence, to win over difficult interviewers?

The most common reason of not able to confidently represent yourself is the dilemma in mind. If you feel something deep inside is stopping you from reaching out to others, break the mental barriers and approach others, say “Hi”.

There are many known techniques one can use to boost internal confidence, and a few ones can discover while moving with life. These techniques will help you overcome the problem of social shyness or anxiety. Few methods I have used in my life will discuss today. But before that, I would talk on a few things that all need to overcome to beat the anxiety. You should always know and accept certain items are not in our control like:

1. You cant get the confidence in one day. Change is the only constant and only reality we deal every day, and with small changes, you will gain confidence with time. Help by stretching yourself, and follow it every day. Celebrate your every successful interaction as a victory, no matter how small is it. These small successes will create a massive wall of confidence inside you one day.

2. You need to overcome fear by facing reality. It would help if you built the courage to defeat the internal fear. Find a technique yourself to move ahead of failures. Keep talking to yourself, so you are motivated in all conditions.

3. Talk to a doctor or a counsellor if at all you can not boost your confidence to talk to others. They can provide you with a strategy and more ways to deal with the situation.

Now once you know the above realities, I would say remember one thing, you are your best hope. No movie star or motivator can do anything for you, but you can certainly do a lot for you.

Now to take you towards a path where you will be confident enough to deal with social and work life, here is a situational discussion for you. It can help you tap your internal powers, which is always more powerful than any fear outside.

And the technique is, not comparing yourself with anyone else. And be compassionate for others.

We do not consider this as a problem, but we do compare ourselves and our activities with others. We feel pressurised when we see our peers achieve something which we could not. Though it lies asleep, it can come up to create a problem any day. Feel good about ourselves first, then only we can be compassionate towards others. Going ahead, we will learn.

Few see compassion not only as a tool for helping others but also for helping ourselves. So, how do we use empathy in this situation?

The easiest method is to see other people just as we see ourselves. It will reduce the invisible social distance we have created in our mind. We can better relate to others when the time comes to interact with others. We should not forget everyone has fear inside but ultimately when the time comes all come up to talk and interact, the same we can also do.

Few everyday things that every human want are:

We all desire human contact!
We all desire friendship!
We all desire to be loved!

So when you are approaching others remind yourself all have difficulties making the first move. Who knows maybe the other person is also waiting to talk to you. You can take the first step with a heart filled with compassion and love. And perhaps in time, if a friendship develops, you can help them with their fears.

This method works very well because it takes off the focus from you and places it on the other person. In this thought process, you start thinking about how you can help others than boost your self to talk to others.

So make a conversation don’t think anything, and you will see you now have a new known person in your life. Take a call to be a shy person and boost anxiety or face the tough thing and win over the demons inside. Choose the path of compassion; you will see you have won over your fears.

Once you use this technique and complete a few months rigorous practice of talking to others, you can start talking in front of a mirror to be more confident and perfect. Once you think you are good to go, begin attending job interviews and never forget even the interviewer is just a human being who also has his own set of difficulties. And at last, before ending, I would love to remind, there will always be another opportunity for us.

How to win an interview?

1. Dress in a good and clean formal dress with well polished shoes and no hair style.
2. Speak normally no need of extra confidence. Smile All the Way.
3. Showcase your strength
4. Try connect to the interviewer
5. Research the Company (and Competitors)
6. Research the People
7. Dress for the Job Position
8. Answer the Biggest Weakness Question
9. Elaborate on Answers only if needed or try to be very specific.
10. Always have a backup plan or answer in mind.

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